CutOut allows you to remove any unwanted details or objects from your photos and create impressive montages. Anything from people to objects to scenery can be quickly and easily detached from any other object in the background and placed elsewhere. CutOut also allows you to seamlessly remove distracting objects from your photos for good.‘Cutting out’ images manually can be tricky and take hours of concentration. CutOut helps to reduce a lot of that and gives you professional looking results more quickly!
Flawless cutting out and retouching of your digital photos
"Cut out" or remove individual objects
Create amazing photo montages
CutOut is a standalone PC application and a Photoshop plug-in
Automatic contour detection: chroma key blue screen matting (used in the film industry)
Level-based montage techniques
Integrated error correction function
Instruction video with detailed explanatory tutorials
Very easy to use
Detailed PDF manual
Insert objects in different photos: "blue screen technique" from the film industry
NEW! Improved algorithms for cutting out objects
NEW! Improved cutting out with inside/outside edge matting
NEW! Supports current camera models for direct RAW editing and more!

Includes plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements
Intelligent erasing / touch up flaws
Lossless scaling
Albumview for management
Correct convex distortion
Size changes considering the content
Visual exposure correction
Noise reduction
Chromatic aberration removal
Descreening for scanned photos
Clear skin filter (Digital Beauty)
Enhanced sharpening
Batch processing

Standalone and plug-in
CutOut is a standalone program but a plug-in functionality allows it to be connected directly to the following photo editing programs:
Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5
Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
and all programs compatible with the Adobe Photoshop CS3 standard plug-in
Professional photo editing

The program uses traditional masking techniques and even chroma key effects. CutOut is a professional tool that automatically cuts objects out of photos and detaches them from their existing background
  • Position a ‘cut-out’ object against a new background to create a completely new picture!
  • Chroma key: work like a professional film maker or photographer
  • CutOut makes creating professional looking photo montages easy
  • CutOut is ideal for touching up even the most complex of errors
  • CutOut allows you to create perfect soft focus backgrounds - placing the emphasis on your main object. Essential for perfect portraits!
What's New ?
NEW! Improved algorithms for cutting out objects
NEW! Improved cutting out with inside/outside edge matting
NEW! Improved chromakey matting
NEW! Improved processing for faster results
NEW! Supports current camera models for direct RAW editing

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