Iolo System Mechanic 15 keeps your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. Its powerful arsenal of 50+ award-winning precision tools fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

Over 98% of PC problems are caused by clutter and faulty settings that are the result of everyday PC use. System Mechanic automatically repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans out clutter, and tunes up your PC so that it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster! Don’t waste money on expensive “experts” to fix your PC when System Mechanic will repair, tune, and maintain it for you! Enjoy that new PC feeling again.

Optimize your PC to play the latest high-performance games at maximum speeds with System Mechanic 15. Clear out clutter and errors for improved speed and reliability. Accelerate download and web surfing speeds up to 300%.

System Mechanic 15 Boosts your computer’s performance and stability with advanced PC tune-up. System Mechanic gives you over 50 automatic tools to clean hard drive clutter, repair your registry, defragment drives and memory, and optimize system and internet settings.

  • Patented performance technology
  • Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
  • Restores maximum speed, power and stability
    • LiveBoost boosts system responsiveness through real-time calibration of CPU, RAM and Drive.
    • PowerSense dynamically senses your resource needs and switches power settings and processor modes in real time for best performance.
    • Ultra Performance Mode focuses maximum PC power on the high demand app you have running.
    • Endurance Mode intelligently conserves system resources when maximum battery life is a priority.
    • Stability Guard intercepts stability threats to keep Windows fast and problem-free.
    • NetBooster speeds up internet, videos, downloads and games.
    • ActiveCare uses set-and-forget patented technology to maintain your PC automatically
    • Total Registry Revitalizer resolves registry problems and stabilizes Windows.
    • AcceleWrite real time technology optimizes file write speeds
    • PC Cleanup cleans up over 50 types of junk files.
    • Program Accelerator re-aligns disjointed program files.
    • Guided Recommendations taps into the System Mechanic community to help you gain even more PC speed.
    • Memory Mechanic reclaims wasted RAM in real time.
    • CRUDD Remover locates and removes unused extra programs.
    • Startup Optimizer automatically accelerates PC startup 22 ways.
    • Privacy Cleaner wipes internet and chat history, clutter and cache.
    What’s New in System Mechanic 15:
    • NEW Streamlined User Interface features a fresh, updated look with even easier-to-read problem reporting and overall product navigation.
    • NEW Problem Detection Engine digs far deeper and in more areas than ever for an even more comprehensive clutter cleanup and the best possible performance gains.
    • ENHANCED Windows 10 Support adds dozens of specialized enhancements that will now make Windows 10 even faster, more clutter-free, and fully respect your privacy.
    • ENHANCED Program Accelerator
      • Re-engineered to fully support Windows 10’s new data management methodology
      • Re-architected for speed, now completing realignment dramatically faster than previous versions
      • Patented program and data file realigning software now offers proprietary Whole Drive Realignment™
      • ENHANCED NetBooster
        • Ensures maximum Internet speed by custom-tuning hidden network settings for each specific Windows version (XP through 10)
        • Further rigorous Lab testing compelled all TCP/IP and DNS settings to be re-examined and individually re-adjusted for further performance improvements
        • World’s First Now dynamically adjusts Internet settings in real time–no reboot required
        • ENHANCED Privacy Cleaner
          • Re-engineered to fully support Windows 10’s new data management methodology
          • New Ability to turn off Windows 10 personal Data Collection services
          • New Enables turning off the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 and 10
          • New Wi-Fi Sense: ability to block Windows 10 from sharing your Wi-Fi password
          • New Fully protects your privacy when using the new Windows 10 Edge browser
    Download Iolo System Mechanic Standard Offline Setup

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