MSecure DenyWall™ Total Security 360 is Next Generation Technology built using legendary MSecure™ that proactively protects against all types of viruses,trojans,spyware,malware & detect new threats based on file and URL reputation,Firewall & Bandwidth manager & USB DLP. MSecure™ Next Generation Technology helps to detect new threats based on file and URL reputation. Unknown suspicious samples are collected and automatically processed to our cloud™ system.


Virus Wall : uni ed, scanning engine that provides comprehensive protection without compromising speed, runs inside the windows kernel checking for malicious activity & prevents even before it can execute & removes all traces virus, Trojan, worms, spyware, phishing, adware and malware & other threats from the process and registry.

Parental Wall : Safe guard your kids from access to inappropriate Internet websites content & cyberbullying based on content categories, such as Porn/Adult & time restriction.

Device Wall : Mass Storage Device Protection (Data Loss Prevention) toward your data theft, denying access to unauthorised devices, read only mode, Neural Smart Scan to repair Infected USB’s.

Fire Wall : Checks against reputation and granular URL category databases ratings for webpages, IPs,domains and keywords.

Proactive Wall : Smart Code Emulations strength lies in proactive detection of known and unknown threats like, virus, Trojan, worms, spyware, phishing, adware and malware.

Adware/PUP Wall : Smart Code Emulation signatures& neural networks tracks down, Adware / PUP’s which overloads your pc and compromise your privacy.

Slows Nothing : Light on your system resources, you don’t even notice it’s running in the background protecting everything.

Update & Upgrades : Newly created virus signatures are rolled out on hourly basis, 24-7-365 days. Best of all we provide free upgrade to all of customers.

Bandwidth Wall : A simple way to track your Internet quota usage and quota limitation.

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