Eassos Recovery supplies the best data recovery solution for file recovery and partition recovery, which can handle all kinds of data loss problems, for instance, recover deleted files, recover data from formatted or inaccessible partition, restore lost partition and partition table, etc. It supports various storage devices, including IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB hard drive, RAID, USB flash disk, SD card, TF card, virtual disk files created by VMware, Virtual PC and VirtualBox, etc.
One of its strong points is the ease of use, since all the functions are neatly displayed within a simple interface. Regardless of your choice, you are guided throughout the entire process by a wizard, showing clear instructions for each step.
Eassos Recovery can analyze a specific partition so as to find files that can be recovered, even if the partition is inaccessible or has been formatted by mistake. You are free to select the files to search for, be it documents, photos, music, videos, Internet files, archives, e-mails or all. A list of all the found files is displayed, enabling you to choose the ones to save.

Recover deleted or formatted partitions
Aside from recovering lost files, the application can look for deleted partitions and try to repair them. Another of its functions enables it to recover individual files on disks that were not properly partitioned.
Eassos Recovery also comes in handy in situations when you accidentally deleted files and emptied the Recycle Bin. It finds traces of erased files and tries to retrieve them, enabling you to save the results to a specific location.
Furthermore, it enables you to recover partitions and files from an existing image file, providing support for various formats, such as VMDK, VHD, VHDX, VDI, IMG, IMA, VFD, FLP, RFS.

Fast file and partition recovery

Eassos Recovery can be the solution you are looking for in case you want to recover lost or erased files quickly and easily. Also, it supports partition recovery, retrieving files even if the drive cannot be accessed or has been deleted. It provides clear options and guidance throughout the recovery operation, which makes it suitable for all user types.

Product Features
1 Recover Files From Partition - Recover files from formatted or inaccessible partition.
2 Recover Lost Partitions - Search for lost or deleted partition, and then recover its files and restore partition table.
3 Recover Files From Disk - Recover files or partitions from an entire disk when the disk is corrupted or wrongly partitioned.
4 Recover Deleted Files - Get back deleted files from empty Recycle Bin.
5 Load Virtual Disk File - Recover files and partitions from virtual disk file.

What's New in this release
• Optimizes file recovery function, filtering invalid partitions and speeding up arranging files.
• Increases file scanning speed of recovering deleted files from NTFS partitions.
• It is able to save scanning progress when the program recovers deleted files.
• Recovered Typed doesn't display files that overlaps with files from normal directory structure.
• It adds confirmation message for operations "Back", "Home" and "Close" when the program is scanning and displaying files.
• Fixes a bug that it failed to show the exact folder number on the right-bottom interface.
• Fixes a problem that the mark ".." showed on the right column after folding or unfolding the file directory tree.
• Fixes an issue that all files were filtered out after emptying the filtering condition Name.
• Fixes a bug that program corrupted when previewing certain pictures.
• Redresses an issue that the statistics of selected files were not accurate when recovering files.

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