Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 is the complete performance solution for your PC, comprehensive set of maintenance tools for cleaning up, repairing and optimising your PC. Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 combines the benefits of three award winning products to deliver the full Uniblue experience: RegistryBooster, DriverScanner and SpeedUpMyPC under a unified interface, adding a special scheduled scan feature for automatic maintenance. Merging RegistryBooster, DriverScanner and SpeedUpMyPC under a single interface, Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 boosts and protects vulnerable but critical system elements tied to speed and stability.
With Uniblue’s three award winning programs working together in sync, Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 guarantees a clean and defragmented registry, regular driver updates, and fully optimized resource management and system settings. After giving your PC a full performance boost, Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 can schedule unobtrusive background scans to ensure that your system continues to run at its best.
RegistryBooster cleans and defragments your registry to optimize your system, DriverScanner updates your drivers to improve hardware function, while SpeedUpMyPC manages system configuration and resource allocation for maximum speed. With Uniblue PowerSuite 2015 your computer will get the ultimate performance step-up and maintenance that is automatic, reliable and ongoing.
Your computer is a complex assemblage of technologies that need management and maintenance to run smoothly. Unless cleaned, your registry will accumulate harmful entries. Without regular updates, your hardware drivers can become obsolete. Furthermore there are a whole range of settings, files and processes that require careful administration. With so many vulnerabilities needing ongoing maintenance, it is easy to see why most computers degrade and slow down with use.

• Speed ​​tools
Speed ​​tools are specially designed tools designed Uniblue to improve computer performance. When the speed tools work automatically as long as the work Powersuite.

• CPU manager
The process may create problems due to the capture of too many system resources. CPU manager guards against this by adjusting the priority of the process before the chip away an excessive amount of resources.

• Accelerate application launcher
When you run the program means to accelerate the launch of applications redirects extra system resources to reduce the startup time.

• Accelerate application launcher menu "Start"
Acceleration run applications from "Start" menu increases the speed of opening programs from "Start" menu. This is done by preloading data into memory.

• Proactive thumbnail generator
Under normal circumstances Windows every time you open a folder with images, generates thumbnails for preview. With the Proactive thumbnail generator, upon folder access PC performs a one-time thumbnail generation and stores the relevant data in the system folder Windows. Thereafter, the system will quickly extract thumbnails from memory rather than generate them.

System Optimization: Tuning
System tweaks are a means of optimizing the system configuration. Despite the diversity of tweaks, they are all combined into three categories.

• Setting of system resources
Making small changes to the settings to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and improve stability.

• Adjustments on and off
Changes to the process computer on and off to improve the speed of their implementation.

• Visual effects tweaks
Changes to the Windows visual effects to enhance the speed of your computer.

System optimization: Unused processes
Powersuite defines processes and services used by the operating system in the background. If any of these processes and services are not used by the system, Powersuite turn them off to free system resources.

System Optimization: Corrupted registry entries
Powersuite cleans the registry from invalid entries. The registry is a repository of important commands for hardware and software, which needs constant access your computer. Damaged entries accumulate as you work, especially through software removal and changes in settings and hardware. Removal of damaged records can improve the efficiency of processing tasks your computer.

System Optimization: Driver update
Powersuite scans your hardware and determines if there are updated drivers for any devices. If updates are available, Powersuite can download and install all new drivers with one click. Driver update improves overall efficiency. In addition, it is the main way to resolve problems with the equipment.

System optimization: Registry defragmentation
Registry data suffer from fragmentation when instructions are scattered over different parts of the disk. Powersuite to defragment the registry, thereby optimizing the speed of your computer.
Note. Registry Defragmentation is not available from the screen "Overview". To jump to defragment the registry, click on the tab "System Optimization" on the navigation bar at the top. Then the left-hand menu, select the "Registry Defragmentation".

Disk optimization: Unneeded files
See "junk files" allows you to remove Windows temporary files and free the cart. Very often in these places accumulate unnecessary files that consume your disk space.

Disk optimization: Disk fragmentation
As you use disk data scattered or fragmented over different parts of the hard drive. This may adversely affect the performance of the hard disk. Powersuite carefully arranges the data, eliminating fragmentation and improving data access speed of your computer.

Disk optimization: Remove old backups
To free up disk space, you can delete old backups. These backups are restore points and backup files update Windows.
• Deleting old backups reduces the ability to undo changes to a case of serious problems with your computer. So if you are an advanced user, to free disk space is recommended only delete old backups.
• Old backups can not be removed from the screen "Overview". To jump to delete old backups, click on the tab "Optimizing Disk" on the navigation bar at the top. Then the left-hand menu, select "Delete old backups."

Disk optimization: Archiving files
This section allows you to archive the largest files in your account. Files archived using Powersuite, can be used as any other files (before using the decompression is not needed).
Note. Backing up files is not available from the screen "Overview". To go to the archive files section, click on the tab "Optimizing Disk" on the navigation bar at the top. Then the left-hand menu, select "Back up files".

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