Genie Timeline 2015 application is a Time Machine tool which performs seamless automatic real-time backup for all your files and folders. Simply install it on your computer and set it up in just 3-simple straightforward steps in which all your important documents, photos and music are backed up to a recommended backup destination with optional security.
Genie Timeline Professional is a continuous data backup software application that will constantly back up all the files, data and information you need to keep safe. After installing the data protection program you’ll be walked through the setup with a series of wizards that will help you select the files you want to back up; it will even help you decide where to place the backed-up files. Genie Timeline Professional stands out from the competition because it is so simple to use and has a large variety of features that will help you manage and recover your files.
Genie Timeline Home is a time machine for Windows that performs real time and continuous data protection. It can backup a wide variety of data types, such as System Files, emails, documents, music, pictures and practically anything else on your machine. Genie Timeline Home seamless backs up your data in the background, working as a parallel universe with computing history. Deleted & backed up files can be retrieved easily by a click of a button. With Genie Timeline Home you’ll be able to keep all your files safe by creating backups on the go!
Genie Timeline Business is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a powerful, reliable, easy to use software that will ensure full system backup and recovery for every computer. Whether your company has 5 computers or a 100 computers you can dramatically reduce the time of deploying your backup system with the use of the Administrative Template (ADM) component that works with Active Directory and Group Policies to preconfigure all backup settings and perform remote deployment.
Genie Timeline Server is the latest installment in continuous data protection software. Configured to work 24/7 to backup servers, desktops and laptops Timeline Server uses global services that work even when a computer is logged off or running on a different user insuring that your server or computer suffers no downtime as a result of data loss. Bare Metal disaster recovery technology and a quick and easy restore wizard help restore your system in case of operating system failure, accidental deletion of data, etc.
Genie Timeline Pro 2015 Features:
Effortless protection for all your files
Configure your backup in 3 simple steps and you’re done! It scans for all your file selections from any location, monitors for new and changed files, and backs them up.
Go back in Time
Use the Genie Timeline 2015 to view and restore your files at a specific point of time.
Secure military-grade protection
Secure your backup with the most secure 256-AES encryption algorithm.
Recover deleted files
Recover versions of a file or deleted files with a right-click.
Track your backup wherever you go
Use Genie Timeline 2015 mobile app for live feedback of your backup status or get email notifications of your backup status to your inbox.
Access your backed up files without the need for the software
Use backup without compression so you can view your backed up files in their native form from any computer.
Control your backup
Genie Timeline 2015 offers advanced settings to ensure that power users have all they need in a simple, easy to use product. You can control when your backup runs or leave it to Genie’s IntelliCDP, power down your computer after backup, and much more.
Recover your computer at any point of time
Use disaster recovery to keep your entire system safe from virus attacks, computer crashes, and more.

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