The best messaging and the most popular IM app now has multifarious replacements. WhatsApp is already facing a tough competition from other IM apps, and now we bring to you, Whatsapp+.Whatsapp+ is a mod of Whatsapp by XDA developer rafalense. WhatsApp+ allows users to modify and theme WhatsApp in ways not achievable on the original Whatsapp application for example, you can hide your last seen status. Additionally, WhatsApp+ circumvents many functional barriers in WhatsApp to give you a better overall experience. For eg, no more image quality reduction when sending files.

Image quality has always been an issue with WhatsApp. While higher quality images are reduced in quality and size in the old WhatsApp, the new one does not face any such problem. Go ahead, share high quality pictures with your friends!

The media sharing default limit is set to 16 MB in WhatsApp+ and can be increased till 50 MB. This new setting is an advantage over the old WhatsApp, whose media uploading limit was only 16 MB.

Bored of refreshing your contact list and then clicking on your friend’s contact to see their current status? Well, WhatsApp+ frees you of this extra work by showing your contact’s status right below the chat.

The green colour of the WhatsApp icon no longer seems appealing to you? Change the colour of the WhatsApp+ icon from its default blue to red, cyan, pink, gray, orange. And if you miss the original WhatsApp icon, you can change it to green again !

There are innumerable themes which you can download in WhatsApp+ which wasn’t the case with the previous WhatsApp.

You can attach your location, send voice messages and send or forward multiple messages.

You can modify the entire look of your chat screen, main screen, conversation screen, header background , contact icons. You can round up the corners of your contact pictures, change the colour of the chats, modify chat headers and rows, contacts headers and rows, change the colour of the notify bar and a lot more. You can personalise this app completely according to your choice.

What's New in v6.70:
New! WhatsApp log to check contacts activity (go to Plus, below language option)
New! Check WhatsApp log Menu to show name instead of number (and more options)
New! Privacy option in main menu to group MODs to hide online status, blue ticks and 2nd tick
New! MOD to hide typing/recording info in Groups or Contacts chats separately
New! Hangouts bubbles (MOD 1.2.1)
New! Added 4th configurable button (star) to Floating Menu in Chats screen
New! MOD 2.0.7 to change 4th button option (more options coming)
New! Change Floating Buttons size with MOD 2.0.5
New! Floating Buttons can be hidden using MOD 2.0.6x
New! MOD 3.1.3 to hide search icon in Contacts screen
Fix Translations to german, dutch, italian, brazilian, azerbaijani and turkish updated
Fix MOD 6.10 is no for always but for 10 minutes or so, sorry (maybe for always in future)
Fix Other improvements and bug fixes

Verification issues?? Please follow these steps:

For Rooted Devices
1 Uninstall 'Clean Master' app if you use it
2 Uninstall Whatsapp+
3 Install original Whatsapp from Play Store
4 Go through the setup into the main conversation screen and chat with some friends
5 Open Titanium Backup and make back up of WhatsApp
6 Unistall WhatsApp and install WhatsApp+, don't open it yet
7 Open Titanium Backup and restore only data of WhatsApp
8 Now open WhatsApp+, it should work

For Non-Rooted Devices
1 Uninstall 'Clean Master' app if you use it
2 Uninstall Whatsapp+.
3 Install original Whatsapp from Play Store.
4 Go through the setup into the main conversation screen and chat with some friends.
5 Make a back up of your chats
6 Uninstall original Whatsapp
7 Install Whatsapp+ and verify you number (with stable network and internet connection). Now should work

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