STOPzilla AntiMalware provides complementary protection that can detect and eliminate Malware on your PC. With one of the largest STOPzilla! AntiMalware 6 is an anti malware software package developed by a company called iS3. This program is based upon AVM Technology, a multi-layered malware detection system capable of locating a variety of malicious threats on users' computers. The program was first released in 2001, providing functionality as an online pop-up ad blocker. After thirteen years of development, STOPzilla! has evolved into fully-fledged antimalware software with products that now include antivirus, anti-malware, mobile security, and PC optimization programs. STOPzilla! AntiMalware 6.0 costs $19.95 for a one-year license. For this price, computer users receive a fully functional anti-malware program that is updated daily and capable of detecting the latest security threats.
This program is also fully compatible with most popular antivirus programs and works seamlessly with users' primary security software. Although STOPzilla! AntiMalware 6 did affect the performance of our test machine when running a full system scan, in general it has a low impact on PC performance. The 'quick system scan' completes in under 2 minutes. Intelligent and full system scans complete in a significantly longer time frame, however, this is acceptable since these scan options analyse a wider range of files and registry entries. Furthermore, an increasing volume of malware evolves daily, and thus the anti-malware signature database grows considerably as a result. Therefore, taking into account this vast and ever-growing security threats database, STOPzilla! meets performance expectations.
STOPzilla! AntiMalware 6 offers 4 types of PC scan: Quick Scan, Intelligent Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan. Users are also allowed to schedule a custom scan time. Quick Scan checks the most common areas where security infections might hide. Intelligent Scan is relatively quick, however, this scan option checks a wider range of file types. Full Scan thoroughly examines the user's entire computer. Custom Scan scans specific areas of the user's computer (individual files or folders).

Blocks, Detects and Removes Malware
Developed to destroy existing threats, unlike other software that only attempts to prevent new threats.
Extensive Database of Malware Signatures
One of the largest malware threat databases in the industry, providing the best coverage in the detection and removal of Malware.
Works Cooperatively With Your Antivirus
Complements antivirus solutions to provide the widest protection possible against the range of computer security threats.
Will Not Slow Your Computer Down
Our antimalware software is designed specifically for maximum performance by reducing the use of system resources.
Uncomplicated and Easy to Use
An intuitive interface, pre-configured for optimal performance and protection makes this one of the easiest malware remover tools

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