PDF Pro 10 is the easiest solution to start working with 100% Adobe compatible PDF files today. Whether you're looking to view, create, edit, secure, revise, or collaborate on a PDF document, PDF Pro 10's intuitive interface makes it easy to take advantage of the full versatility of any Portable Document Format!The PDF format is a joy to behold perfect formatting, layout, and universally compatible with all platforms and browsers, what more could you ask for? Oh, wait, you want to actually WORK with PDF files? And collaborate with other people in the department? That's a tall and potentially expensive order, but not for PDF Pro 10!
With PDF Pro 10, you'll be able to create industry-standard PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, right in their respective applications. Need to go the other way? Use PDF Pro 10 to convert PDF files to Word documents, just like that!
A world of editing options awaits you with PDF Pro 10. Graphics are completely yours to command, whether you're inserting them, deleting them, moving, resizing, even rotating! Font sizes, styles, and colors can be modified to your exacting specifications. You can even use PDF Pro 10 to add watermarks, hyperlinks, attachments, and more! And once it's customized to your needs, lock it all down by applying a password and other restrictions so no one can mess with your stuff.
Collaboration becomes so easy with PDF Pro 10! Features like highlighting, sticky notes, and stamps help you to draw attention to wherever attention needs drawing to, and, if that's not enough for you, you can even attach supporting files to your PDF!

Main features:

✔ Create PDF from From Word, Excel, Powerpoint
✔ Create PDF from any application that prints
✔ Convert/Export PDF to Word
✔ Always 100% industry standard PDF files
Modify images: Insert, delete, move, resize and rotate graphics
Edit text: Fix typos, change font size, style and color
Enhance: Add watermarks, hyperlinks, attachments etc.
✔ Protect your content: Apply passwords & restrictions
✔ Open & scroll any PDF file, e-book, or presentation
✔ Zoom and rotate pages within your PDF for optimal viewing
Highlight: use sticky notes & stamps
✔ Attatch any supporting file to your PDF

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