Instant Photo Sketch Pro is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help users transform their photos into sketches by imitating drawing or painting styles.It sports a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort, thanks to its built-in sliders.Images can be uploaded into the working environment using the built-in browse function or “drag and drop" support.The program works with the following file formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, and GIF, and lets you use a pen and pencil for transforming your pictures into sketches.
Instant Photo Sketch Pro gives you the possibility to customize the pen and pencil in terms of black and white levels, and contour, alter the color threshold, as well adjust brushstroke size.Last but not least, you are allowed to zoom in or out, preview the changes applied to your image, compare the original photo and the edited one, and export the sketch to JPG or PNG file format.
Since it doesn’t comprise many configuration settings, even rookies can master the process with just a few clicks. During our testing we have noticed that Instant Photo Sketch Pro provides very good output results, carries out a task very quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process.As it would be expected from such a small utility, it remains light on system resources, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.
To sum things up, Instant Photo Sketch Pro offers a simple yet efficient software solution when it comes to helping you transform your photos into sketches. It can be easily configured and installed by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Pen sketch: You can control two levels, level of black and white color. Higher black level darkens the dark lines, lower white level whitens the less dark lines. Moving the sliders you control which lines are visible and how dark are them.Also, you can select pen and background colors using buttons Fg/Bg.

Pencil sketch: The top sliders control hatching black and white level. The sliders in the contour groupbox control the contour display, similar to a pen sketch. If you don't want to see the contour uncheck the groupbox.

Poster: The top slider controls the number of colors in the poster image. Minimum is 2, the best results are usually between 2 and 7 depending on the source image.There is a contour groupbox at the bottom like in Pencil sketch.

Color Sketch: There are two parameters, Color threshold and Brushstroke size. They both control the strength of the sketch effect. The first controls how similar the colors of the pixels can be to be joined into single brushstroke, and the second one controls the maximum brushstroke size.

Display controls: There are 3 display control butons at the bottom right.ZoomIn and ZoomOut buttons control Zoom level and the Original/Sketch button switches between displaying original image and sketch.When pressed the original image is visible, otherwise - sketch.

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