aXmagPro is an easy to use application that allows you to convert your PDF files into SWF format.

aXmagPro is very easy to use, as you only have to follow the on-screen instructions to convert your PDF documents. Also, you have the possibility to add an audio file on the background, change the background color or image. The Pro version can also save the output in EXE format.


· Fast conversion
· Background customization
· Add background image
· Page thumbnails
· Hyperlinks detection
· Table of contents creation
· Unlimited PDF file size
· Unlimited page numbers
· Single .exe file output

Variable Reading Styles

 aXmag is a all-in-one solution of the several output reading styles below to convert PDF to flash page flipping online publication. Only available in the axmag PDF to Flash desktop converter, you can create more than one output reading styles with your PDF file.

True 3D page flipping solution

Show pages side by side

When pages are magnified:

You can drag and read high resolution texts

Reading flipping solution

Show pages side by side

When pages are magnified:

Only one page displays and you can use your mouse wheel to read continuously

Only available in desktop converter

Single page reading solution

Show single page

No 3D effects

Only available in desktop converter

Clear Vector Output

Designed to fast deliver the flash page flipping online publications on the Internet and create breakthrough to the old PDF format, aXmag features advanced technology for incredibly high quality of text and image.

Clear Text

WITHOUT ClearVector™                                                                                             WITHOUT ClearVector™

As you can see, the texts stay clear after aXmag PDF to flash conversion with monolithic solution via the ClearVector™ technology. Magnify them and still keep clear.

High-fidelity image

WITHOUT ClearVector™                                                                                                            WITH ClearVector™

Thanks to ClearVector™ technology, raster images barely lose resolution during PDF to flash page flipping conversions (the converted image quality depends on the raster image quality in PDF) and vector images are preserved vector after conversions.

 Instant Page Zooming

From the moment you open the online flash page flipping publication and once pages are loaded, any further zooming in or zooming out will process immediately and there is no need to wait for a same page loading again if you want to see larger and even clearer texts.

Interface Localization
Localization version is available - for both application interface and output page flipping eBook interface.
Output interface with localization

17+ output languages are featured in both PC version and Mac version using aXmag PDF to flash desktop converter. We are adding more languages in future releases.

Supported output languages (featured in both PC verison and Mac version):
English, French, German ,Finnish, Polish ,Dutch, Norwegian ,Swedish, Italian ,Arabic ,Spanish, Japanese, Croatian, Chinese, Irish ,Russian

PDF to flash desktop converter interface
Supported languages (PC version):
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish ,Dutch ,Japanese 

Easy Customization

It is easy to change the flash page flipping eBook appearance:

Logo – (Registered Version only)

You can remove aXmag logo in registered version of the desktop PDF to flash page flipping converter. You can also add your company name in the publication and link to your home page.

Add/remove buttons on navigation toolbar

In converter settings, you can select to show or hide "Sound", "About", "Thumbnails", "Share", "Print" buttons or right click menu items in the output PDF to flash page flipping book.

Change background

If you do not like the default gray background, you can change background color in the converter console. You can also add background music to the whole flash page flipping publication.

Ideal for PDF Publication

This aXmag PDF to flash page flipping application is an ideal online publication tool for different types of PDF files, and it is advanced featured with more settings, including:

Automatically adjust different page sizes in PDF

All the pages in the PDF are in a same size but occasionally there will be landscape pages out of the portrait ones, aXmag will automatically resize the pages to help improve the reading experience.

If you have created two pages on a same page in the PDF, there is no need to reformat the PDF, just load the PDF in the converter and tell the aXmag converter to divide pages.

Automatically detect bleeds in PDF

There is also no need to reformat the PDF manually if there are bleeds in PDF, just load the PDF and aXmag converter will detect and cutoff the bleeds during the conversion.

Automatically prompt for password

For some encrypted PDFs, you may need to enter password to unlock the file then read the contents, how easy is it to convert the contents with aXmag? Now, load the password protected PDF in aXmag converter, enter the password and you can easily convert. Please note that aXmag will not record or remember this password so that your PDF is always safe with the password protected.

 System Reqiurements   
  • Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista™/Windows® 7
  • 01 GHz processor or Above
  • RAM:          
    • 512 MB (Microsoft Windows® 2000/2003/XP)           
    • 001 GB (Microsoft Windows® Vista™/Windows® 7)  
  • 50 MB Available Hard Disk Space


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