Acebyte Utilities is a modern looking application, designed to help speed up your computer via system optimization and error correction. In the long run, this could help prevent freezes and slow downs, as well as the dreaded blue screen of death than no one wants to see!
Acebyte Utilities is packed with features, starting with a system scanner which checks for many forms and types of junk sitting in your system unnecessarily, not doing very much good. The Scanner can either perform a quick or a deep scan, and you can customize what to check for and remove too. Choose your scan type, and then use the multiple check boxes to customize the process. If you’re finished with your computer for the day, tell Acebyte Utilities to shut down your computer after the scan and clean operations have completed - a very useful little feature which saves you returning to check on your computer or to switch it off manually.
Along side the scanner, there are three additional features called Privacy Protect, Turbo Boost and Utilities box. The Privacy Protect feature helps clean up your tracks and traces of your online surfing history and other internet activities, as well as the activities you carry out on your local computer. These can include things such as web browser cache, and your recent documents. The Turbo Boost helps speed up your system by disabling unnecessary system services that run in the background.
The Utilities box contains various different tools and utilities, split up into four categories. The first category, Optimize, contains a Memory Manager to help you manage and defragment your memory for increased speed and stability, a Startup Manager for controlling programs that start up at Windows Logon, a Disk Defragmenter, a Registry Defragmenter, and an Uninstall Manager to help you effectively uninstall unwanted programs from your system. The Clean category helps free more junk from your system, remove invalid items from your systems registry, shred sensitive and private information beyond recovery, find your files, and locate duplicate files on your system for removal to free disk space. The Repair category helps you scan for and remove broken shortcuts, undelete files removed from the Recycle Bin, check your dicks for errors, fix and manage elements of the Context Menu, and back up your device drivers. Finally the Control category lets you setup automatic shutdowns, view information about running programs and processes, split large files for sending, encrypt files to prevent unauthorized access, and unlock files and folders that are in use by another process.
Overall, Acebyte Utilities is a flashy and up to date looking application, that is full of different features. I would class it as more than just a system cleaner due to the vast amount of other tools included with it, to help you tackle problems that crop up and keep your system in good condition. I think it is definitely worth the price for all the features you are getting, and good value for money.


•Ultimate Speed Up PC with Turbo Boost
Acebyte Utilities has Turbo Boost feature which can speed up computer by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services.

•Optimize PC for Peak Performance
Startup Manager improves the Windows boot time by allowing the users to pick which programs to disable as Windows loads. Memory Manager can defrag memory for more available RAM and avoid slower program operation.

•Fix Windows Errors and Crashes
Registry Defrag and Registry Cleaner let the users quickly defrag, find and repair the clean the registry to fix Windows errors and crashes, keep your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free.

•Powerful Hard Disk Defragment and Cleanup
Disk Defragment and Disk Cleaner - defragging the specified hard disk, finding and removing all types of junk files to release hard disk space and achieve the maximum performance again.

•Quick and Complete System Cleanup
Shortcut Cleaner, Cloned File Finder, Empty Folder Finder and Top File Finder – these features help the users to increase PC speed and access program or folder faster by removing invalid or broken shortcuts, duplicate files or empty folders from hard disks, or identify large files and move the unwanted ones to a removable drive.

•Remove all forms of PC and Internet junk to protect your privacy
Acebyte Utilities can perfectly protect users’ privacy by permanently deleting Internet history information such as browser address bar history, cache, all temporary Internet files, cookies, history, URL, Autocomplete form history, and more.

System Requirements

  • Windows® XP/Windows® Vista/Windows® 7/Windows® 8
  • 500 MHz processor or Above
  • RAM:
    • 512 MB (Microsoft Windows® XP)
    • 001 GB (Microsoft Windows® 7/vista/Windows® 8)
  • 50 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera)



Important : >> Turn Off Internet,Before you activate Acebyte Utilities Pro.Use this Program Offline.

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