PowerZip is an award-winning, easy-to-use file compression (zipping + unzipping) program for Windows. PowerZip lets you zip and unzip files directly from My Computer or Windows Explorer. It also enables you to password-protect confidential files with AES encryption; unzip 12 types of archives; create ZIP, CAB, TAR, GZ, BZ2, and ARJ archives; and create self-extracting archives. PowerZip supports two new compression methods (Deflate64 and BWT) to provide a higher level of compression than is normally available in ZIP files. Standard zip compression also is supported for compatibility with other zip programs.
If you routinely perform compression tasks (such as daily backups), you can automate them by recording PowerZip macro files, which allows you to repeat the recorded compression (or extraction) task with a simple double-click; you also can run Macro Files as part of an automated script.

Unzip Internet Downloads
Unzip E-mail Attachments
Communicate more effectively
Encrypt / password-protect files
Create & maintain backup
Store away infrequently used files
Automate compression tasks
Compatibility with other programs
Integration with Windows
Interoperability with Unix
Multi-part (split) archive support


• Easy-to-use Interface
PowerZip's Compression and Extraction Wizards make working with archives (such as Zip files) quick and easy. In two or three simple steps, they will guide you through the process of zipping and unzipping files. PowerZip's Welcome screen also includes quick instructions on how to use the most common features to help you get started.
• Strong Encryption (Password-Protection)
With PowerZip, you can easily create password-protected Zip files to secure your confidential files and documents for storage or communication. You can either use the standard Zip encryption or, for extra protection, use 256-bit AES* which offers a high level of data security. You can also quickly encrypt files directly from Windows Explorer (My Computer) - just right-click on a file and select "Encrypt".
• Integration with Windows
PowerZip allows you to create and unzip Zip files and other archives directly from Windows Explorer (My Computer). Zipping files is as simple as right-clicking on the files or folders you wish to compress and selecting "Zip" from the menu. Similarly, files can be unzipped by right-clicking on one or more archives directly in Windows Explorer (My Computer) and choosing one of the "Unzip" options. This feature also allows for multiple archives to be unzipped with only 2 clicks.
• PowerZip Macro Files
You can create PowerZip Macro Files to automate common compression tasks, such as routine backup. PowerZip Macro Files are quick and easy to record and allow you to repeat the recorded task with one double-click or even include it as part of an automated script.
• Support for 12 Types of Archives
As well as Zip files, PowerZip can handle eleven other types of archives - Cab, Ace, Rar, Arj, Jar, Tar, Gz, Z, Bz2, Lzh and Ha. This means you'll never run into a file you can't unzip with PowerZip. As well as being able to unzip these archive types, PowerZip can also create Cab, Arj, Tar, Tar.Gz, Tar.Bz2 and Ha files.
• Drag and drop
You can unzip files quickly by dragging them from the PowerZip window and dropping them into a folder of your choice. You can also drop compressed files directly into an application. Compress files by dropping them into the PowerZip window.
• Interoperability with Unix
PowerZip can create and unzip archives types common under Unix (Tar, Gzip, Bzip2), making sharing files with Unix / Linux systems quick and easy. PowerZip lets you create a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 file in one go - perfect for when you need to transfer multiple files to a Unix machine.
• Flexible Self-Extractor
PowerZip lets you create fully customizable self-extracting archives to have all the advantages of Zip files without the need for the recipients of your files to have an unzip program. You can choose the start-up message, specify a command to be executed after extraction and specify the default extraction folder (you can use built-in path variables so that that the self-extracting archive will work flawlessly on all versions of Windows). Several other options are also supported.
• View / Edit Files in Archives
You can view any file stored in an archive by simply double-clicking on it in PowerZip. You can also edit the file and update the archive.
• Folder View
If an archive contains folders, PowerZip displays them in a Windows Explorer-like manner, instead of simply listing all files in a "flat" list. This feature can be turned off.
• View Modes
Choose between Large Icons, Small Icons, List and Details views, just like you would in Windows Explorer / My Computer.
• Customization
PowerZip can be completely customized to suit your tastes and habits. You can customize the toolbar and menus, appearance, options and defaults.
• Comprehensive Documentation & Help at Your Fingertips
The Welcome screen helps you get started quickly by providing shortcuts for the most common tasks and has links to the User Guide and the "Getting Started" section. And if you get stuck, you can simply point your mouse to a button or control you are unsure about and a helpful explanation will pop up.

System Requirements

  • Windows® 98/2000/NT 4.0/ME/XP/Vista™/Windows® 7
  • 01 GHz processor or Above
  • RAM:
    • 256 MB (Microsoft Windows® 98/2000/XP/ME/NT 4.0)
    • 512 MB (Microsoft Windows® Vista™/Windows® 7)
  • 50 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Above


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