Although the market is full of multimedia players, choosing one that perfectly suits your needs is harder than you think. Some of them need separate codecs in order to work properly, others require all kinds of additional files while the majority has an awful interface and lack important features.
UMPlayer however claims it can do almost everything when it comes to playing multimedia files, mostly because it comes with approximately 270 integrated audio and video codecs that help it in the task of playing files. All packed into a nice and user-friendly application that provides easy access to all these great features.
I was pleasantly surprised by UMPlayer’s interface which not only that it’s clean and simple, but it also comes with theming support, which means you can change the way it looks using downloadable packages. The menu based interface has a seekbar in the lower bottom with time elapsed/remaining on both sides (for some video’s the time seems to be incorrect) with repeat, shuffle and playing file information. Buttons for pause/play/stop and previous/next and increase/decrease framerate is present at the left.Truth is, the official website of the developer doesn’t comprise too many skins, but it’s still a good idea for this kind of software.
Besides the top menu that provides instant access to most functions of the application, the user can also right click in the main window for some additional options when playing a multimedia file. You can adjust the subtitle, customize the video quality and preferences, modify the audio track and change the program skin on the go.
One of the helpful features integrated into UMPlayer is the subtitle search function which allows you to look for subtitles on Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me, as it didn’t return any result for very popular titles such as Seinfeld and Friends which do exist on the subtitle website.
All in all however, UMPlayer is a nice addition to the multimedia player market, although there’s still some work to do. More skins, better functionality but with the same simple and easy to use interface, this could be the path to success.


Support 270 Audio/Video Formats:
UMPlayer includes a long array of more than 270 codecs, which means playing any kind of media file is just child’s play (double-click & play). Using MPlayer as its back-end engine, it plays anything right out of the box, no worries! You don’t have to think of installing additional codecs and this includes playing CD’s, DVD’s, streaming video and audio. It never lets you down.
Cross Platform/Reads Damaged Files:
Written under Nokia’s QT platform, its available for a variety of platforms (Win,MacOS/X.GNU/Linux). It has the capability of playing damaged media files or scratched CD/DVD’s.
Youtube & Shoutcast support:
There’s a small search box to the top right of the window. Unlike other media players, UMPlayer has unique Youtube and Shoutcast integration in its box for streaming various video and radio stations. Search from this form and a separate window pop’s up showing results filtered by Most Relevant, Most Recent and Most Viewed. You can record the video by right click (or red button on main interface) and save it to your computer. Shoutcast shows results for the top 500 radio stations for that day filtered by the number of listeners. I personally love the Shoutcast service and it works flawlessly with excellent sound quality.
One interesting feature of UMPlayer is that it fetches subtitles in different languages for the movie file you’re playing from the popular site ‘’ . It features shadowed anti-aliased subtitles and you can change it’s font’s and scripts to your preference.
Skins & Themes:
The default interface is fancy enough but that can be beautified because of its skinnable interface to suit your mood. It supports CSS skins so theming is not that difficult. ‘Get More Skins’ provides you with more skins uploaded by the community.
Wait, there’s still more:
Visualize motion vectors, audio-video-subtitle delay adjustments and equalizers , video thumbnail and running video screenshot maker, play online TV and radio stations,customizable hotkeys, record playing files, video preview and advanced caching and cpu optimizations for HD media playback and the feature list goes on like that. You can find plenty of settings to tweak and adjust in its preferences window.

System Requirements

  • Windows®2000/XP/Vista™/Windows® 7
  • 01 GHz processor or Above
  • RAM:
    • 256 MB (Microsoft Windows®2000/XP)
    • 512 MB (Microsoft Windows® Vista™/Windows® 7)
  • 50 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Above




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