WinZip® is the original and world's most popular file compression software for Windows. No other file compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive feature set and productivity-enhancing approach that has made WinZip the gold standard in file compression tools. Now including support for Windows® 7 and featuring an Office 2010-style ribbon interface, WinZip 14.5 works the way you think, zipping and unzipping files effortlessly for quick, efficient, and secure uploading and downloading, email transmission, and data archival.
With WinZip you can quickly zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up emails, and decrease download times. In addition to state-of-the-art file compression, WinZip offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data, the ability to bundle files into convenient, compressed packages and share them instantly, and an automated data backup facility to prevent data loss.Compress files with WinZip to save space and reduce transmission times. Create Zip, LHA, and new Zipx files—our smallest Zip files ever. Zip documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, you name it. WinZip even supports advanced photo and image compression. Now you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 – 25% with no loss of quality or data integrity. This lets you send files faster and fit more on your flash drive, CD/DVD, or hard disk than ever before. Let WinZip select the best compression method to maximize efficiency. You can even use it to create self-extracting Zip files,which are ideal for distribution to recipients who may not own WinZip
In addition to zipping files, WinZip opens and extracts content from the industry's widest selection of compressed file types ,including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, BZ2, LHA, CAB, IMG, ISO, and most other file archive formats.Package and share files with WinZip. Bundle files into packages, creating convenient logical groups of related files then send them instantly via email. Zipped packages are perfect for organizing and securing email attachments, which send faster thanks to smaller file sizes. This is especially helpful when sending digital photos. And those photos can be viewed without extracting using the WinZip image viewer. You can even resize your high-res pictures with just a click, so they email even faster and fit standard computer screens.
Prevent data loss with WinZip's automated data backup facility. Backup selected data files and schedule those backups to run automatically and unattended. Burn your backup data to CD/DVD or network drive, or upload your backups to an off-site server using the built-in WinZip FTP client. Backup your desktop, documents, pictures, email, etc. using pre-defined jobs or create your own custom backup jobs. WinZip will even send you automated email notifications upon job completion.

Supported Formats

* Zip (.zip)
* Zipx (.zipx)
* RAR (.rar)
* 7Z (.7z)
* BZ2 (.bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2)
* LHA/LZH (.lha, .lzh)
* Cabinet (.cab)
* Disc Image (.img, .iso)
* TAR (.tar)
* GZIP (.gz, .taz, .tgz)
* Compress (.tz, .z)
* UUencode (.uu, .uue)
* XXencode (.xxe)
* MIME (.b64, .mim)
* BinHex (.bhx, .hqx)
* Most other compressed files


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